Latino/Latina/Latinx Experience

Summarize the Overall Topic (Interview) of in the subject line
Create the thesis that responds to the prompt: What is the meaning and experience of belonging in our nation, our state, and in our local communities? Who belongs and why? You will view one of the interviews to help you explore challenges to cultural fluency 
along with critical moments in the struggles of various communities for inclusion and rights, particularly here in Oklahoma. 

The purpose of this writing assignment is to provide you with an opportunity to connect yourself with not only the course readings but also Oklahomas history, civil discourse, and those who have different life stories than your own

Critically think about the interview. What do you know? What did you think you knew before watching? What was said in the interview that confirmed what you thought? What was said that was different than what you thought? What was said that was completely new information? Considering all this, how has your point of view been impacted?
Next, summarize the interview, identify the speaker, point out the key topics covered and the arguments made. You can include a couple of quotes or paraphrases in your summary. Remember, a summary highlights what you feel is the most important.