LEAD 300 Management and Leadership

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Read these instructions carefully. First, carefully read
the Chilean Mine Disaster Case from the case pack. This is a
large article but you will not be able to write the Memo without it. It is a disaster that
ends in success because of many intelligent and creative people working
together above and below the earth. – What’s not to love!.  

As you
can see from the Case Study, the San Jose Mine, as well as several other mines,
has continually emphasized production over safety.   

For the
memo, you are the new CEO of the San Jose Mine. (NOTE: in your memo,
the San Jose Mine Cave-in has NOT yet occurred). One of your
priorities is to change the way the company looks at safety and to set clear expectations. 
You immediately reviewed the current safety statistics and found an industry
average of 34 deaths per year since 2000, and countless day-to-day injuries.
You review other safety lapses and clearly foresee a much larger crisis waiting
to happen.

In the
Chilean Culture, what the top leader states gets carried out by the managers
below him/her. You want to give a visionary,  engaging message and
also specifically explain why the six things you want managers in the
company to address & fix will work together to prevent another such crisis. 

In the memo, make sure to:

the Memo with an overall statement of what you want and why.

Identify six safety problems in this Chilean Mine directly from the case; state
specifically what you want the managers and/or the company to do about each one
to ensure safety. Set clear expectations. 

give a motivating wrap up that also states what you will do to ensure that your
vision and goals are followed through