Leadership History Paper

eadership History (ldrshp-hist)

Review the writing guidelines.
Write a paper (in APA style) that explains the historical evolution of leadership thought from 1900 to present, specifically addressing the impact of leaders on organizations. 
Premise and theme should show clear focus of the impact of leaders on organizations in an increasing global environment.
Be sure to include a call to action section toward the end of your paper explaining the urgency for leadership in this global era. Your call to action should:

demonstrate a clear appreciation of the urgency for leadership in an increasingly global environment
make specific recommendations for leaders

This project should be 1000 words (+/-10%).

Grading Criteria: Assignments will be graded according to the Minor Project Grading Rubric.– Alternative Formats
Submission Criteria:

Final Submissions: Final versions of your projects should be submitted to the instructor using the Assignment Manager.  For instruction on using the Assignment Manager, please refer to the Assignment Manager tutorial in Start Here~MOL Student Resources in Blackboard.
Drafts: Drafts should be submitted to the grading professor by email, no later than one week prior to the final submission deadline, with the following designation in the subject line of your email with your name – first initial and last name

LMOL 601 JSmith Leadership History DRAFT