Leadership member exchange and adaptive leadership in practice

Please watch these short videos FIRST, then proceed. 

Link 1: 

Link 2: 

You won’t be making the video, just write content worth 5 minutes and I’ll make the video myself.

Post a video (four to five minutes) that includes your experiences with, or observations of, one of these two leadership theories in practice.

    • If highlighting LMX theory, please specifically address the pros and cons of the theory, such as in-groups versus out-groups, and whether the outcomes were positive or negative.
    • If highlighting Adaptive Leadership, provide an example of how this leadership style might be exemplified in your new role as an Advanced practice nurse, specifically addressing scope of practice, primary care, cost effectiveness, and team-based care as outlined in the American Association of Nurse Practitioner Resources.

Link 1: 

Link 2: 

Your post should:

  • include a video four to five minutes long.
  • provide thoughtful insights (reflect critical thinking).
  • include experiences/observations and lessons learned that you could apply as a new APRN.
  • pose one question for further discussion.

Then, review two of your peers’ video posts and provide feedback. Your feedback should be at least 100 words providing quality input based on at least one supporting reference or workplace experience. I’ll provide you the peer response for you to answer whenever you’re ready. 

Grading Rubric: 

Post of 4-5 minutes reflects thoughtful insight. Includes experiences/observations and lessons learned (35 points)

Position is stated, rationale is provided, and opinions of others are sought out by posing at least one question to enable further discussions (15 points)

Replies to two other posts with at least 100 words each, providing feedback on how the leadership style expounded in your classmate’s video is consistent with or different from the LMX and adaptive leadership style presented in this module (35 points)

Utilizes proper netiquette including language and in your responses: spelling, and grammar. Uses correct 7th edition APA format when including references with posts (15 points)