Legal and Ethical Issues Final: Crash Powerpoint

The requirements of the PowerPoint Presentation:

   No more than 6 10 slides

   No more than six bullets to a slide

   No more than 6 10 words per bullet

It should be creative with pictures or illustrations to emphasize the importance of the concept. Moreover, the audience should be able to see the words on the slide. Have Fun!

 Discussion questions include:  “The Essence of the PowerPoint/Video” These questions are the essence of the PowerPoint They must be answered in the PowerPoint and it must be creative, to wit:

1. What is discourse? How does this film contribute to addressing racism?

2. Why is the film titled “Crash?” Is there a literal reason and a metaphorical reason for the title? Please explain.

3. What is a protagonist? Who is/are the protagonist(s) of Crash?

4. What is meant by the expression about a story: “redeeming character?” Was there a redeeming character in the film? If so, who was it? (or, who were they?)

5. What social issues or social problems did you identify in

Crash? How were they represented?

6. It’s not unusual for “stories” to contain a message from the writer/creator, etc., to the reader/audience. What, if any, was/were the message(s) of Crash?