Legal and Ethical Issues Final: Movie Crash

 What are the five of the many critical ethical issues founded in the movie Crash?


· Become knowledgeable and discuss the five critical ethical issues in the movie Crash 

· Describe how each ethical issue impacts the three components of the criminal justice system

Assignment Overview

This is a research paper summary/ PowerPoint presentation/video that will explore at least five ethical issues in the movie, emphasizing the criminal justice system’s three components.


Research Paper must be between 750 1000 words: 

  • I.    Introduction (Roadmap of the first two paragraphs;  
  • II.   2-3 Ethical or Unethical issues (Topic Sentences and four to five support sentences);  
  • III.  2 3 Ethical and Unethical Issues (Topic Sentences and four to five support sentences)  
  • IV.  Conclusion (KWL)
  • Five in-paper citations and reference page with at least three references