Lets talk about taxes

Let’s talk about taxes
1.     Pretend you are describing property taxes to an alien. How would you explain what property taxes are and what they do in less than 100 words?
·      If you live in an area with high property values how would that affect the makeup of your community in comparison with someone who live in an area with low property values?
·      Is that fair?
2.     What is tax abatement?
·      Read the following Pantagraph article about the Rivian abatement. What are the benefits of offering a tax abatement to a company like Rivian?
·      Review the 2nd word document to answer question 2.
3.     Recently, Amazon announced they were building a new headquarters in New York City, partly because of the grants and tax breaks that the city offered to attract them. Amazon eventually decided not to build their headquarters there due to public pushback. Read the two articles below and then answer the questions.
·      https://www.marketwatch.com/story/what-amazons-hq2-means-for-taxpayers-in-new-york-and-virginia-2018-11-14
·      https://www.marketwatch.com/story/community-activists-stage-cyber-monday-protests-in-fight-against-amazons-hq2-2018-11-26
·      What are the pros and cons of Amazon building a second headquarters in NYC?
·      If you lived in NYC, what would you want to happen and why?