Lies my teacher told me: Everything your american history textbook got wrong

This will be another reading-based paper. Using a balance of evidence (avoiding summary) based primarily on Loewen’s Lies My Teacher Told Me (required); at least one of related article you find in the Chabot college database; and at least one credible article which you will find, updating stats and relevant details, as needed.

You will present an argument related to a chapter that you choose from the book.

First: Pick a chapter from Lies My Teacher Told Me, required as your main source of support.  Choose any ONE of the chapters we have read in this unit.

Then: Answer “What is/are the problem(s)?” (Ex. The problem in Chapter 5 is how textbooks avoid the deep history of racism in American History textbooks. The problem in Chapter 1 is how heroification decapitates efforts at making students critical thinkers by only presenting people as wholly good or wholly bad.)

Finally: Address all three of the following prompts in your argument:

Prompt (include all of the following questions):  
1)  What is the history attached to the problem(s)?
2)  How is the problem currently manifesting?
3)  What actions are necessary to solve or restore some social justice to the problem(s)?