Life-Span Interview Project and Paper

Life-Span Interview Project and Paper (55 points)1. Select a phase of developmentmiddle childhood, adolescence, young adulthood, middle adulthood, or late adulthood. Based on your chapter readings, class lectures, power point presentations, and other research, summarize typical development (biological, cognitive, and psychosocial) of that phase. Next, choose and research a topic related to that particular age group. Research will include reviewing and writing a summary of scholarly articles. (A minimum of 3 peer-reviewed articles). This portion of the paper should be 3 pages.2. Next, outline expectations that you might have if you interacted with people experiencing your selected topic. Generate a list of questions to ask. Write out the list of questions. This portion should be 1 full page.3. Next, identify and conduct an interview with a person from that particular age group on that specific topic.4. Finally, write a summary synthesizing what you have learned from the interview and research. This portion should be 1-2 pages.