Listening Assignment

Think back on interactions you’ve had in your life and submit a 1 page paper with at least 3 examples of faulty listening behaviors. For each of your 3 examples, write a 4-5 sentence paragraph, discussing the following:

          List the people involved and the type of faulty listening behavior 

          Briefly describe what was said/done to illustrate each faulty listening behavior 

          Describe the impact/consequence of each faulty listening behavior 

You should have 1 separate, distinct paragraph for each of your 3 examples, for a total of 3 paragraphs. You do not need to include an Introduction or Conclusion, although this assignment should be submitted in essay form rather than bullet points. Make sure you are descriptive when discussing your 3 examples of faulty listening behaviors.

This assignment should be approximately 1 page, should follow the Assignment Guidelines in the Syllabus, and should be submitted as a .doc or .rtf document.

Grading Guide:

5 points: Formatting and writing 
15 points First example, with five points for each piece
15 points Second example, with five points for each piece
15 points Third example, with five points for each piece