Literary analysis

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Writing a Literary Analysis/Reflection Paragraph
Step 1: Choose and read a text.
Step 2: Actively read your selection looking for our 5 lit terms.
Step 3: Choose a lit term that enhances the text and decide which evidence best exemplifies your             main idea.
Step 4: Write your topic sentence/thesis
            –point youre going to make ( __Lit term__ is shown through X,Y,Z).
Step 5: State your first textual evidence
            –Direct quote or paraphrase
            –This is NOT your idea or opinion
Step 6: Explain your analysis
            –This is your opinion/idea. Make sure it is based on the evidence.
Step 7: Tell why this analysis supports your main idea.
            –This is your reasoning.
            –Why is this important? What does it mean for the text as a whole?
Repeat Steps 4-7 for all the evidence youre presenting and use transitions to show relationships between ideas.
Final Step: End with a concluding statement that summarizes and reiterates your point.