Literary Analysis by Theme: Jurassic Park

Watch the embedded Youtube video titled “Jurassic Park – Using Theme to Craft Character” by Lessons from the Screenplay below. Then, when answering the questions below, type a short response with at least one paragraph each. 

Questions to Answer
1. According to the narrator of the video, what is the theme of “Jurassic Park”? How do you respond to that theme and did you know that about the movie/novel before? Do you see the movie/story in a new way? Why or why not? Elaborate. 
2. What two central characters does the narrator state that the theme of the movie revolves around? What is their attitude towards the theme respectively?
3. What is author Michael Crichton’s response to the statement, “Isn’t it fabulous that we all have computers?”
4. Give two examples of other movies or TV shows and briefly mention each ‘theme’ as we saw in the video. Also, quickly explain how the theme is played out and how. Is it through its characters? Plot? Does the theme show up in things like color or clothes? How is it recognizable? 
5. Pat yourself on the back, you’ve just applied New Criticism as an analytical lens!