Long Term Care

1. Long term care elderly population2.education to become a long term care RN is standard 2 years pre requisites. 2.5 years of nursing school. Generally the RN position is that of a supervision role. LPNs pass the medication and the RN supervises them. Many disease processes specific to this population include dementia, Alzheimers depression, anxiety and range of psychiatric disorders sometimes seizures, hypertension diabetes infections 3. Special testing generally include lab work: CBC BMP, renal panels, lipid panel  recently added covid 19. Get up and go test and a mini mental exam, body audits, swallow screen and geriatric depression scale
4. An average day in a long term care facility or nursing home includes the certified nursing staff getting patients and preparing to bring them to the dining area for breakfast, residents are on a bath schedule. The LPN prepares morning medications and administers as necessary. The RN reviews chart notes, labs interacts with the physician and handles any issues that may arise. The front desk takes phone calls as well as schedules family visits and screens everyone who come into the facility. A medical doctor comes different days a week and reads notes, writes orders and treats patients accordingly. Residents throughout the day can watch television, inter act worn each other and staff members as well as theres an even coordinator there is a secretary on every unit. Who answers call lights and helps navigate patient needs