In this module, you have learned about research methods and how to analyze and organize information. You practiced identifying appropriate source material and summarizing, analyzing, and synthesizing information, and you developed a short technical brief.  
 For this journal activity, use the following questions to frame your response:

What is one specific piece of feedback that you received from your instructor in response to your Module 2 assignment? How will you use this feedback throughout the rest of this course? 
What is the one thing you learned this week about researching and organizing information that is most important to your overall success in this course or your current or future professional life? Why? 
What is one question or comment you have for your instructor this week? 

Your journal can be written in paragraph format, or you can copy and paste the questions into your response and answer them Q&A style. When you are ready to write your journal entry, please click the Next button at the bottom of this page and follow the instructions in The Week in Review Journal.