Maintenence Phase Reflection

  Respond to the following questions after listening to the podcast and reading the article

  1. Share your opinion about the podcast itself. What did you think of the episode? (Please refrain from critiquing things unrelated to the subject at hand, like the voice of one of the hosts or the length of the episode!)
  2. What are two things you learned in this episode that surprised you. Why did they surprise you? Explain and refrain from simply saying, “This surprised me because I didn’t know it.” Tell me how it adds to/ contradicts/ alters/ or enhances your prior knowledge/ experience/ opinion etc. 
  3. According to Mike and Aubrey, how is the social construction of the obesity epidemic related to anti-fat bias? What is your take on this perspective?
  4. Do Mike and Aubrey confirm or challenge the arguments made in Getting Fat on Misinformation? Explain how you know one way or the other by providing evidence from the two sources and examples that support your argument.

Podcast:  once on site, scroll to “Obesity Epidemic” episode