“Major paper” types of managers

DUE DATE: December, 19 2021 11:30 PM

Please write your “major paper” on your analysis of Management Positions and make sure your work is original, formatted to follow APA including cover page and reference page (both are not included in the body count of text).  Paper should be at least 7 pages in length and provide your analysis, discussion, research and conclusions on the following topics.  You are free to use what every resources, i.e. text book, internet, interviews, etc.   available cite at least 6 different sources.   This must be a written document not a PPT. 
Types of Managers and Their Roles
Types of Managers
Describe the difference between team leaders and managers
Describe different Management roles in detail.  usually the three roles are lower, middle and upper management.
Describe leadership and decision making aspects of managers
write a conclusion of your paper that describes your thoughts about what type and level of manager you believe you are best suited for and what type of manager (position) you would like to attain.