Major work of art music

For your final paper assignment you will choose a specific major work of Art Music (symphony, opera, ballet, concerto, sonata, string quartet, solo instrumental work, etc…) and study it in depth (listening, researching, reading commentary and reviews, etc.)
After such study and research, please present a six to eight-page research paper on this work.  Your paper should include a well-discussed account of your own response to the work, as well as material you have found in your research. 
Please discuss instrumentation, form, textures, etc.  Give background on the composer, his/her national and cultural origins, and intentions with the piece you are discussing.  The bulk of your paper, though, should discuss the cultural context within which the composer was working, the purpose or function of the particular work, it’s impact or lack of impact in its contemporary context, and its impact in subsequence cultural contexts. 
A major purpose of this project is to come to understand how and why a work of music can have longevity of relevance, sometimes even growing in importance over time.  You should, therefore, choose a work that has remained important or popular up to the 21stcentury.
Please use at least five sources, and use MLA style guide for your bibliography and citations.