Imagine that you are the manager of a McDonald’s restaurant. You are pursuing a low-cost, high-quality service strategy. You believe that the assistant manager you hire is critical to executing your strategy because the person will have a great deal of contact with both your employees and customers. You have just finished interviewing the five finalists for the position. One candidate really stands out: Pat Edwards has three years of relevant work experience and a collaborative and service-oriented style that will fit your restaurant’s culture very well. She also scored high on the interview, job knowledge, and simulation assessments.
Your previous assistant manager had been hired with no job experience and had not done nearly as well during the assessment process. He had been hired six months ago for an annual salary of $26,000 with two weeks paid vacation, a standard health benefits package, and a $1,000 sign-on bonus. You had to let him go last week after his disappointing performance failed to improve. You would like Edwards to accept your offer and start work as soon as possible.
Your assignment is to write a job offer letter to Edwards using what you have learned in this chapter.