Managing Diversity and Inclusion at Yelp

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you are expected to demonstrate strong understanding of the assigned case and supporting reading intended to help you analyze the case. The supporting reading for most cases is assigned the week before our case discussion. For this analysis, answer the following items:
1. Address the main issues highlighted in your chosen case. To do this, draw from concepts discussed in the assigned reading that supports the case. Use that material to inform your own original insights regarding the challenges described in the case. (7 points)
2. What are the three most important key takeaways from this case and the accompanying assigned reading? (3 points)
Managing Diversity and Inclusion at Yelp 
Most good submissions for this assignment are 3-4 pages long (double-spaced).
For each written assignment, use the following format:    Use headings to separate answers to assignment questions.    Use one-inch margins, 12-point font, and double-spacing.    Concise and logical paragraphs are required. Proofread your work for writing errors.    Submit your paper through the assignment page on Canvas as an MS Word doc(x) or pdf file.    English-language versions of your sources must be available so that I am able to review them.    Write clearly, proofread to minimize writing errors, and apply class concepts when appropriate.