MarCom Plan Outline MLS (Major League Soccer)


Create a detailed outline for your final MarCom plan. The plan should be comprehensive describing promotional strategy, detail, focus, terminology, and research. This will be the basis for your Week 7 Final Plan submission. Use APA formatting, and include a cover page and reference list, which does not count toward the 4 page requirement.
Below is the information you will use to make create an outline for your final MarCom plan:

Situation Analysis (Due in Week 4)
Fundamental Decisions (Due in Week 6)
Marcom Implementation (Due in Week 7)
Marcom Program Evaluation (Due in Week 7)

The following framework for developing a marcom plan is applicable to formulating a plan for either an established brand or a new brand. For clarity of expression, keep in mind that a brand represents a specific organizations entry into a particular product category. The brand may be a product, a service, a not-for-profit program, or any other type of offering to a marketplace. Whatever the nature of the brand, a marcom planner formulates a plan in an effort to gain, maintain, or build his or her brands share of market in a competitive product category.