Market Analysis Paper

The market analysis project will be for the group to choose a product, a service, a concept, or a person; and do a Market Analysis of your choice. It could be a new product or service, an existing product or service to be used in a new way or existing products, products, and services or services combined in a new way. It could also be a brand. The group will do a market analysis of the potential for the chosen product, service, etc.  

For our project topic is a new product. It is a wristband, which is designed for dog owners. When you click on the wristband, it pops up a plastic glove that covers our hand, which we can use to pick up dog poop. When we click on the bracelet once after picking it up, the glove will automatically wrap up and become a garbage bag for users to throw away. As more and more people keep dogs in this era, it is essential to walk dogs. Such products will help us better clean up the excrement of dogs outdoors.