Mr. Donaldson owns Autobahn Body Shop and Mechanics. This is a full service

automobile repair body shop and full service mechanic. His shop is located in Delay

Beach Florida, zip code 33483, on a major roadway. His clients come from all over

the local area and about 80 percent of his business comes from European cars. He

does about $400,000 a year. The bay next to him has become available and he

would like to take it over. His plan is to have the mechanic services on one side and

the auto body services on the other. He has $15,000 to spend on advertising and

promotion and would like you to design a plan to increase leads and appointments,

focusing primarily on mechanic work. He would also like to know what his

competitors are doing and the best ways to make contact with his potential clients.

Furthermore he would like to leverage previous customers to get them to repeat

their service as often as possible. Mr. Donaldson wants to take his B2C business to

the next level. He would like this done in the next 4 weeks. You can talk with him

at 6p on Tuesdays, he would be happy to answer any of your questions.

please use the attached files as sources as well as other sources.  write paper which incloudes those topics which are found in the secodory reasarch prject assigment whichis attached in this order. Customer Information1.1. Segments1.2. Targets1.3. Behaviors1.4 Market Size2. Competition2.1. Location Overview2.2. Performance2.3. Pricing.