Marketing Case Study

Scenario: Imagine you are working as a marketing manager for a mid-sized firm that sells medical supplies. The firm is heavily involved in a community service project that supports a local childrens hospital. The firm is contributing $1,000,000 and wants to raise another $1,000,000 to build a new wing on the hospital. You have been tasked with studying how crowdfunding and social media might be leveraged for such a fund raising campaign. You have found a case study, e2 Kickstarter that provides valuable information for such a study. You must prepare a report for senior management based on this case study that analyzes how Facebook might be used to help raise money through crowdfunding.
Requirements: You report must address the following information:

Briefly describe the subject and purpose of the case.

Create two charts.
Chart 1: The data in Table 1 worksheet in the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. (The data is also located in the case), contains data showing the Fundraising Results for Week 1.

Illustrate the data in Table 1 (Fundraising Results for Week One) by creating a chart in Microsoft Excel. Click the following URL to view a tutorial on how to create a chart in Excel: .
Analyze this data. Determine your conclusions based upon this data.
What are the concerns at the end of Week 1?
What actions should be taken for the subsequent weeks?

Chart 2: Create a chart using the data in the Microsoft Excel file in the Table 2 worksheet (Facebook for the week before launch and week 1).

What conclusions can be drawn from this analysis?
What actions should be taken for future weeks?

Import or insert your Excel chart(s) into your Word document. Include these charts as an addendum in the report. They do not count for page length.  Note: You may upload your Excel file if you wish to have the professor check your Excel data. 
Define and explain the relationship between the fundraising results and the Facebook posting.
How effective is the Facebook posting in driving fundraising performance? Should the e2 Team continue the same tactics or change direction in subsequent weeks. Justify your conclusions.
In conclusion, is Facebook / crowdfunding a viable option for your firm to use to raise money for the hospital?
Your report should be at least two pages in length.