Marketing Literature Review

Each student is required to submit a written academic literature review on a marketingrelated topic of their choice. Topics must not include a specific company or a specificindustry, but should instead be about generalized marketing theories or methods. Alltopics must be drawn from material in the text, which should serve as one your primaryreference sources (the text must be utilized as a source). An absolute minimum of twoadditional sources of material must be obtained from peer-reviewed academic journalsonly. Therefore, a total of at least three sources are required, although five or moresources are recommended. No Internet sources are allowed! Students are required tosearch for academic journal article sources through the Librarys Business SourcePremier database.The report should be neatly typed, well organized, visually appealing, legible, and free ofall errors in grammar and spelling. The instructor looks for organization, understanding,originality, depth of coverage, and clarity of exposition. The reports must be a minimumof 10 pages long (10 point deduction for each missing page). Appropriate in-textreferences in APA format are required. All reports must be organized through the useof appropriate Headings and must include a Cover Page, a Table of Contents (indicatingthe page numbers of Headings), and a list of References (all three of which count towardthe page requirement). You must include at least two paragraphs under each heading