marketing paper

Unit III (Chapters 11-13) covers the marketing area of business.  Chapter 11 introduces the marketing mix.  Then chapters 12 and 13 present detailed coverage of the four elements of the marketing mix:
• Product and Promotion Strategy–Chapter 12
• Distribution and Pricing Strategy–Chapter 13
After reading Chapters 11-13, choose a product that you have purchased recently.  Research and investigate this product on the Internet and in the marketplace.  Evaluate the marketing mix (product strategy, pricing strategy, distribution strategy, and promotion strategy) used by the manufacturer of this product.  At a minimum, consider the following questions in your investigation:
Product Strategy (Chapter 12):
• In what category of consumer products (convenience, shopping, or specialty) does this product fall?  Why?
• At what stage is this product in the product life cycle (introductory, growth, maturity, decline)?  Why?
• What role, if any, did branding (brand name, symbol, slogan, etc.) play in your selection of this product?  Why?
• What role, if any, did packaging play in your selection of this product?  Why?
• Evaluate the quality of the product in terms of quality level and product consistency.
Promotion Strategy (Chapter 12):
• Identify the various media used to promote/advertise the product.
• Did other promotional tools (sales promotion, public relations, personal selling) play any role in your purchasing decision?  If so, describe them.
• Describe and analyze the promotional mix (see pages 181-190, Chapter 12).
• Do you agree with the company’s marketing strategy, or would you recommend changes to the mix?  Why?
Pricing Strategy (Chapter 13):
• Evaluate the price of the product you selected.
• What appears to be the pricing strategy (profitability, boosting volume, matching the competition, or creating prestige) used by its manufacturer?  Why?
• Do you think the price is fair?  Why or why not?
Distribution Strategy (Chapter 13):
• Where did you buy the product?
• Is this channel member a wholesaler or a retailer?
• What type of wholesaler or retailer?
Prepare a two- to three-page report discussing the marketing mix for the selected product.  The report must be keyed in either Microsoft Word (not Works) or WordPad and uploaded. Save the file as Product Name_Your Name (as Whatchamacallit_John Doe).  Use the following format:
• Choose an appropriate title.  Type your name below the title.
• Double space and indent the paragraphs.
• Use a standard 10- to 12-point font.
• Use 1″ top, bottom, and side margins.
The following rubric will be used when evaluating this assignment:

This report will be submitted by uploading through Assignment.  The Due Date for this assignment is shown in the  in the Calendar.  The assignment may be submitted by the End Date shown in the assignment box and in the Calendar; however, five points will be deducted for each day it is submitted past the Due Date.