Marketing Strategy and Consumer Behaviour

My Profession – Marketing Campaign Manager (Retail)

I attached rubric and a sample

CLA 2 – Comprehensive Learning Assessment – CLO 1, CLO 2, CLO 3, CLO 4, CLO 5, CLO 6Develop and write an APA formatted 8-10 page paper that explains the following:

Three to four important concepts you have learned throughout this 16-week course

Identify the two to three concepts you would like to apply to your current or future work setting and how you will go about implementing them.

Please use the following concepts (Must use it): Mentioned in the paper

The Concept of Consumer BehaviorsThe Concept of Situational Influences of the CustomerThe Concept of Household types and their influence on Consumption

Citation on every paragraph as per APA 7th Edition

Lastly, language must be easy to understand and in flow of paragraph.