Medai Critique

For this assignment, you will be discussing an example of conflict interaction between two characters that occurs within a major motion picture or television show. Whatever you use, you need to make sure you can watch it repeatedly. Pick a short instance of conflict interaction, don’t try to talk about the whole movie or show. Follow the guidelines below exactly in creating your response. 

First you will offer a short synopsis to ‘set-up’ the situation for the reader. This synopsis should answer questions such as: Who are the individuals in the interaction? What is their relationship? How are they interdependent with respect to this conflict situation? How does each view his/her wants/needs as incompatible with the wants/needs of the other and how does each see the other as interfering in getting what one wants? This synopsis should be concise, no longer than a paragraph, but should provide the reader with enough information to gain a full understanding of the conflict.

Here is an example: Joey and Chandler are friends and roomates. They are also part of a very close extended group of friends. Chandler was sitting in chair and got up to go the restroom, when he came back, Joey was sitting in the chair. Chandler asked Joey to get out of the chair because he felt he should still be able to sit in it. Joey did not agree as he felt Chandler gave up his right to the chair when he left the room. Each wants to sit in and enjoy the chair and feels the other is interfering with the ability to do so. 

Next you will transcribe the conflict dialogue between these individuals, this means you will write down everything they say in exact detail. (Look at the “Continuing the Conversation” examples in the book.) You may also want to include nonverbal signals as parenthetical remarks in your transcription, for example, (John looks away and shakes his head). It is important that you choose a good sequence of dialogue that will give you something meaningful to talk about. Also, choose a sequence that is not too long – no more than minutes is a good general length.
Talk about this sequence of dialogue by employing all of the following concepts 1) Facework and politeness. 2) Conflict Strategies 3) Guidelines for Effective Communication during conflict. You may also use additional concepts. However, you should focus on providing depth instead of breadth in your analysis.
You must also define all of your concepts from the course text or lectures and provide a citation for your definitions.
Talk about the impact on the relationship of the approaches each participant takes with respect to this conflict interaction.

Your paper should be no shorter than five, typed, double-spaced pages (excluding the transcribed pages). Points will be deducted for spelling and other grammatical errors, so please make sure you edit your paper properly before submitting.