media as social matrix in the united arab emirates

nstructions for Students

  1. Your professor will select an academic article or book chapter on social and economic trends in the countries of the Gulf region (please see attachment or link to the reading).


  1. After reading the article or chapter, please do some research on the same topic. You will need to identify 3 reliable sources. 1 of these sources needs to be an academic publication (scholarly article, chapter, or book); the remaining 2 can consist of any other reliable publications (e.g. online sources, newspaper articles etc.)


  1. On the basis of your research findings, write a critical review of the article or chapter that your instructor gave you. Your task is to assess the academic value of this paper, its merits and weaknesses. Your critical review should answer the following questions:


Q1: What is the main argument of the article? (100 words or less) 


Q2: Based on your own research, which part of the argument do you find convincing, and why? Which part of the argument do you not find convincing, and why? (400-500 words)


Q3: In your view, which aspects did the author(s) miss? How would including those aspects improve the article? (200-300 words)


Your review needs to demonstrate your ability to critically assess and evaluate information, in order to explore issues and develop informed opinions.


The review should be about 800 words long. Please remember to support your arguments by providing evidence from your research. Your analysis should be written in a proper essay format, with an introduction stating your goals, coherently linked body paragraphs and an insightful conclusion.


It will be graded based on:


Content (critical analysis, supported by clear evidence): 70%

Organization and language: 30%


  1. Use a Google Doc as a draft for your submission so that all your writing and changes are trackable. You should submit a link to this Google Doc along with your final submission, which needs to be a Word file. Further instructions on the use of the Google Doc could be provided by your instructor.