Medicaid Policy

Students are to analyze a federal or state social welfare policy and wrire a scholarly 10-12 page analysis that addresses the following areas: introduction, description of the problem that necessitated the policy, historical background of the policy, policy description, and policy analysis. Papers will be graded on both content and quality of writing. Written work for this class must be in APA style using 12-point font Times Roman or other acceptable font. Proper in-text citation under APA guidelines is expected and required. Work that is not cited properly will be deemed conjecture and will not receive any credit. There should be a minimum of 10 references used which MUST be scholarly works or government documents.  DO NOT USE WEB ARTICLES OR NEWS STORIES. You may only use your text as a source for identifying relevant sources, but NOT as a direct source or citation. Grading criteria for written work includes: thoroughness, logical development of points, clarity of written expression, application of scholarly research and appropriateness of information presented as it relates to topic chosen. It is important to demonstrate your ability to do research at the library, to critically analyze various positions, comparing and contrasting strengths and weaknesses, and presenting facts in a manner persuading the reader to his/her own conclusions. In conducting scholarly research, sources included should cover legislation and/or public documents, books and journal articles. The policy analysis paper offers students the opportunity to demonstrate critical thinking skills in the policy practice arena, to demonstrate their ability to analyze a policy problem, discuss a range of policy solutions, recognize the extent to which policies may oppress, marginalize or enhance the privilege, power and wellbeing of its target population.