Medical Terminology

Read the following two prompts on the respiratory system and discuss/share your informed opinion using appropriate medical terms and apply your critical thinking to reflect on the role of education in changing health behaviors. (200-300 words) .   

Research has long established that about 90% of lung cancers in men and women are associated with cigarette smoking.  Let us assume that people who smoke cigarettes are at least partly or fully aware of the risk of cigarette smoking. If people are aware of the risks of smoking, including the high risk of developing lung cancer, why do many people start smoking and many more smokers find themselves unable to quit smoking? 
We know from experience during the last two years that COVID-19 is associated with severe respiratory distress syndrome requiring many hospitalizations and patients to be put in intensive care units(ICUs) and on mechanical ventilators, even then many succumb to the disease. If people are aware that COVID-19 vaccines with high protection rates of more than 90% are available, why do you think some people still refuse to get vaccinated and discourage and misinform others from getting vaccinated?