Medieval world history

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to create a website about the rebel slave Spartacus. Your website can be made up of a series of short “articles” based on the primary sources collected in Spartacus and the Slave Wars, edited by Brent Shaw. The text should be at least 750 words in length. 
You can choose topics drawn from the primary sources in this book. Spartacus was a slave, a gladiator, and he helped lead a major rebellion. The primary sources are organized around a series of topics, including slavery, gladiators, slave rebellions, and of course the Spartacus rebellion. You can choose your topics based on the book (or think of some of your own). 
The articles you write will be brief and intended for a general audience (as if they are unfamiliar with the topic). Please draw all of your ideas and conclusions from the sources in the book, and refer to the sources in your text. You can also use the introduction and the textbook for background. 
Overall this should be about 750 words (or more). That is the equivalent of three pages, typed and double-spaced. 

You should think of creating a website with a series of topics that you think provides a multi-faceted view of the Spartacus rebellion. You might use the topics organized in the book by Shaw for example, or develop your own. Then compose texts around each topic based solely on the primary sources provided in the text by Shaw. You should explain how you reach conclusions or make observations about the topic based on those sources. You may use illustrations from around the web if you would like.  
We will go over this assignment in class and I will show everyone how to create a Google Site. You can also see the attachments below, esp getting started with Google Sites, which is in Google Drive in NYU Home.