Meta-cognition Log

   The entry should utilize material from Chapters 9 or 10. In your log, you should describe for me the reasoning instance and your reflections on it. If its related to something weve talked about in the course, great!  Tell me how it relates.  If you dont think weve mentioned it precisely, thats great too!  Maybe youll discover something important.
    These aren’t meant to be long. Good reflections might beas short as 300 words.  Im looking for something in the range of 300to 400 words. Aim for interesting and thoughtful. To get full credit, you must do two things successfully: a) describethe reasoning; and b) explain to me why you think it’s relevant to consider inthe context of a Critical Reasoning course.  Youll want to be sure tobriefly explain the course content you are drawing on. I will also post commonmistakes made in metacognition logs.