Mid term – Paper Create Action Plan

As you already know lack of diversity in some law enforcement agencies may cause low quality of services provided by these agencies. To improve the situation, agencies strive to:

employ racially, ethnically, culturally diverse personnel, and
work better in communities with racially, ethnically, culturally diverse populations.

We already know that every racial and ethnic minority group is different and there are different reason why members of particular groups are not proportionally represented in law enforcement. Therefore, select only one out of four following racial/ethnic group: African Americans, Asian Americans, Arab Americans and other Middle Easterners, or Hispanic Americans. Next, answer questions.
Assignment should be sufficient in length to address the questions completely and not shorter than six (6) pages (not counting the cover sheet and reference page), typed, double-spaced using Times New Roman, 12-point font, APA style. The paper shall include no less than three professional sources properly cited. The text book and/or the course power point slides cannot be used as sources. You should NOT use Wikipedia or similar websites as source/cite as well.
You’ve been hired as a recruiter by a local law enforcement agency. The agency has 150 employees and only 2 of them are [here put the minority group you have selected]. Agency Chief told you that he thinks it will be better for the agency to employ more representatives of this minority group but he doesnt know how to do it. Prepare an action plan:

 Estimate how many people you should recruit (how do you know how many is enough?).

 Determine what are the most likely causes of poor diversity in this agency.

When you find a cause what are you going to recommend in order to improve existing situation?

Prepare step by step recruitment plan. How are you going to attract selected minority group to apply for job in this agency?