Milestone One

Overview: For this milestone, you will write a situational analysis and situational market summary to inform your strategic global marketing plan.
Prompt: In this milestone, you will complete your research and conduct a situational analysis of the internal (organizational) and external (country macroenvironment and industry) conditions that inform your successful development of a strategic global marketing plan through the profitable introduction of your product line or product into a foreign target country market new to the organization.
Remember to refer to your PESTEL analysis and industry- and firm-level research in your writing, and present it in an appendix as necessary. Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:

Situational Analysis: In this section, you will begin the initial assessment of the company’s product line and international target market you selected from the previous section to inform your global marketing process. You will do this by completing a situational analysis of the internal (organizational) and external macroenvironmental factors to determine risks and opportunities to the company. This information will be used throughout the rest of your final project to inform the development of your strategic global marketing plan with the goal of profitably introducing your company’s product into a new international target market. Your responses should include an explanation of how each factor informs the strategic overview of the market and its potential. Support each response using the most current research and emerging trends available.

Assess your company’s product line. Your response should include the following: global industry characteristics, global value chain structure, and overall competitive dynamics.

Describe the target market’s demographic and composition.

Describe the sociocultural environment of your target market. Your response should include the following: cultural dimensions, professional and
personal etiquette, and communication.

Based on your PESTEL analysis, summarize the external macroenvironmental risks and opportunities.

Describe the international trade environment that impacts the marketability of your company’s product in the target market. Your response
should address the following: major trading industries and country partners, regional or bilateral trade agreements, and trade restrictions.

Situational Market Summary

Complete the TOWS Matrix, identifying the relevant factors.

Using the TOWS analytical framework, develop a written analysis that describes how your company can address the findings from the TOWS in
ways that best match internal factors to external factors to best position the company for opportunities and against risks in the foreign market.

Internal Strengths and External Opportunities (S-O): Analyze how your company can use their strengths to benefit from existing
external opportunities.

Internal Strengths and External Threats (S-T): Analyze how your company can benefit from their strengths to avoid or lessen (potential)
external threats.

Internal Weaknesses and External Opportunities (W-O): Analyze how your company can use opportunities to overcome their internal