Mindset and grief

MLA format and a works cited page

English 100: Essay Assignment #1AssignmentYou’ve read the articles “6 Common Causes of Procrastination,”“Fixed vs. Growth: The Two Basic Mindsets That Shape Our Lives,” and “The Toxic Effects of Negative Self-Talk.” These articles all presentideas about mindsetsand how theycan affect people.Now you’regoing to write a thesis-based essayin which youuse the very general article ideas to help you brainstorm your own specific idea about mindset.Your essay will only use the articles as generalEvidence to back up yourspecific ideas, not the other way around(e.g., your essay might prove how the article ideas could be especially helpful for gamers).To avoid just repeating the article ideas, your Thesis, Topic Sentences, and Examples all need to focus on something very specific outside of the articles:a specific group of people, a specific type of success, a specific goal to be achieved, etc.Here’s what this assignment is not.If you feel yourself writing the followingpapers, stop and rereadtheassignment handout. Also, ask questions and get help from classmates or from me.•It’s not a summarywhere you simply repeatthe article ideas. •It’s not a reportwhere you just explain the author’s ideas.•It’s not a responsewhere you just agreeor disagree with the author’s ideas. •It’s not a memoirwhere you write about your own personal experiences. Assignment requirementso4-5pages (anywhere on page 4) oPlus, a separate Works Cited page that lists the 3 articles you cited in your paper; you may use 1 or 2 or all 3 of the articles. If you choose to use other sources in addition to the 3 articles,have them approved by me, so this doesn’t becomea researchpaper.oStandard MLA 8thedition formatting and citations See Modules2-5forexact dates and activity details for the following Essay #1 activitiesoSubmit your annotations for the 3 mindset articlesoSubmit your outline, get feedback from Prof DuranoSubmit Draft 1, get feedback from Prof Duran(and possibly from your classmates)oSubmit Peer Review draft, give and getfeedback from your classmatesoSubmit Final Draft