Mobile app

Assignment Instructions
Students will be developing an idea for a new phone app. Please start by reviewing the article and video listed below. 

Your teen Magazine. (n.d.). The most popular apps for teenagers: What’s hot, what’s not. Retrieved from 

TEDxTalks. (2016, May 5th). What adolescents (or teenagers) need to thrive. Charisse Nixon. [Video file]. Retrieved from

Based off the information presented by Ms. Nixon in her video, develop an idea of an app for parents and teenagers that can help improve meaningful connections and communication between parents and teenagers as well as address one of the concepts explained in the video by Charisse Nixon.

Requirement: 1 paragraph to explain the idea, 1 paragraph to how the app would work, and 1 paragraph explaining the benefits of the app for helping develop psychosocial development.
Submission: Complete in a Word document. You are welcome to provide pictures. Upload the assignment to the assignment page. 
Writing: Have a title page, an introduction paragraph,  a heading for each new section, write in paragraph form, double space, and using citations – both in-text and a complete reference page. 

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