Module 4 Writing Assignment

Refer back to your Module Two writing Assignment ( I HAVE UPLOADED THIS PAPER ) :  You are charged with forming a team to organize and implement a fundraiser for a family in need. Name 3-4 subsystems/departments you would to need to create within the team (system)? Why did you select these?

Now you are charged with evaluating effective team performance. Choose a method based off this week’s lecture content for evaluating effective team performance and apply it to your team subsystems. Why did you select this method and what were the advantages over other methods? What would be its disadvantages?
In response to this case study scenario you must submit a 2-3 page paper (not including your cover page or
 reference page), double spaced and in APA style and format.  Upload your response as a Word file.  Cite 3 credible outside sources in the paper to support your decision and be sure to include a reference page.