Module 7 discussion 2

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There are many of professional characteristics and behaviors employees should strive to develop while in any job setting. Particularly in healthcare. An example of a few is, being competent in your field, being dependable and timely, being conscientious of your performance and attitude, respect for your patients as well as your coworkers and being able to speak to them in an appropriate manner. Being able to obtain the characteristics stated above, shows that you take your job seriously, and are knowledgeable in your field, willing to work, and willing to learn. Obtaining these attributes can contribute to gaining your patients trust, and in return, your patients often give you that same respect back if they are trusting in you as a provider in their care. There are a few goals I would like to personally work on towards the completion of my new career plan to enhance my professionalism. I would like to be able to continue to learn in the field of radiologic technology and become more comfortable in the field so when I do start my professional career, I will have more confidence which will reflect my care and professionalism to patients that are in my care. I also would like to continue to discuss things with working technologists, administrative workers, and the physicians and on clinical sites because in that, I am practicing my communication skills that are necessary when working in a health care facility. You must be able to obtain most of these characteristics and behaviors to be able to advance and have a successful career!