Motivation in Second Language Learning

Written Assignment




1-     Choose one of theapplied linguistics topics related to what we discuss in class, the topic thatI want you to write about is Motivation in Second Language Learning

2-     Study it carefully

3-     Write a short paper whichshould be organized to have and address the following items and issues.

A-     Give your paper an engagingand descriptive title-not simply Writing Assignment


B-     Introduction. In your Introduction,try to introduce the applied linguistics topics or issues that you have chosen,as well as explain why it is important, and then explain how you are going toorganize your paper (written assignment).



C-     Synthesize briefly relevantliterature about the chosen issue or topic. Use no less than threebooks/articles associated with the topic you choose.


D-     Explain what makes youinterested in this applied linguistics issue.



E-     Explaining how it enhances yourknowledge of English Language as a Language learner and someone who is major isEnglish.


F-      Conclusion


G-    References


Reference the cited books, Articles and other sources correctly using theAPA referencing style


Note example of references

In- text citation:

McCarthy (2014) defines phonetics as a branch of linguistics thatfocuses on the production and classification of the worlds speech sounds 

orthe speech sounds humans produce. (p.22)


Reference List:


Crystal, D. (1991). A Dictionary of Phonetics and Linguistics. Cambridge:Blackwell publishers



Al-Seghayer, Khaled. (2019). Unique Challenges Saudi EFL Leaners Face.Studies in English Language Teaching, 7 (4), 490-515


Guidelines for written Assignment


        The length of theassignment should be from 5 to 6 pages

        1.5 or double spaced, Intimes New Roman 12-point font. Indent each paragraph, no extra spaces betweenparagraphs. Use subheadings within your paper.

        No need to have cover page