Multi- Audience Research Paper

Multi-Audience Research Paper Assignment Description
In this project, you will analyze an issue by researching the different people who have a stake in it and produce a 1500-1700-word (~6 page) paper.
OverviewofProject:Writing to Explain Multiple Perspectives
Specific Requirement:you have to collect at least three audiences arguments on an issue, summarize and analyze those arguments, and present your thesis in conversation with those arguments. The paper should have an introduction, thesis statement, focused body paragraphs, and a thoughtful structure.
You have probably heard the expression, There are two sides to every story. The purpose of this assignment is to use what you have learned about telling stories, collecting information, and conducting analysis to explain not just two but multiple sides to a complex issue.
Your instructor may have specific instructions about what audience to write for. Otherwise, consider writing for an audience of people invested in the issue you are discussing. Be mindful of how people with differing ideas would react to your writing. Do not just write for the people who agree with you. Try not to alienate the people who do not agree with you. Ask yourself, How can I get the people who disagree on this issue to listen to what Im saying?
Conve ntions
The genre you are going to use for this assignment is the exploratory essay. In an exploratory essay, you start with a central question or tentative idea. Then you conduct research to learn more about that question or idea. Finally, you explain what you learned through your exploration.
Trouble Spots
You have probably realized by now that there are almost always options for organizing a piece of writing. As a writer, you have to think critically about what information should come first, what should come second, and so on. You will have to do that again here but remember what youhave learned about introductions, conclusions, works cited pages, and MLA format.
In addition, because this paper asks you to explain multiple perspectives, youll need to consider a range of people who have a stake in your issue (i.e. stakeholders) and find information that will help you explain their points of view. It is important to remember to acknowledge all points of view, including those that disagree with yours.
Here are a few key criteria to keep in mind:
1. This paper focuses on one meaningful issue.2. This paper includes a clear thesis or research question in the introductory paragraph.