Multi-level Perspective Versus Environmental Economics

The introductory weeks of class discussed two perspectives for understanding energy policy: sustainability transitions (especially the Multi-Level Perspective) versus environmental economics. This paper asks you to summarize, compare, and reflect on these perspectives.  Specifically, your paper should answer the following questions:

1. What are the core features, causal stories, and policy insights of the two perspectives (i.e., MLP and econ)?  Another way you could think about this question is: what do they explain, how, and what does it teach us?

2. How would you compare the two perspectives? For this discussion, you have some flexibility in focusing on what you think is most salient. For example, you might discuss their relative strengths/weaknesses, you could explore their value for different purposes or communities, you could talk about how they leverage different data, or anything else that seems like an interesting angle of comparison. Just try to keep the discussion more formal/analytical rather than informal/opinionated.

3. Briefly, how do you think these perspectives relate to your own research topic? For example, you might discuss whether one dominates in your field, whether you’d like to incorporate one or both into your research, how you could imagine leveraging their tools or insights, whether reading these papers sparked some ideas, etc. Here you can be quite informal, personal, and opinionated.