multicultural psychology

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Write a 35 page research paper in APA format proposing a cross-cultural psychology topic.
You can choose any research topic discussed in this course that you want to research further. It could be a topic that struck a chord with you through this course that you would really like to see change, or a phenomenon or correlation youre interested in learning more about.
Write the research paper in APA format and include all appropriate sections (with the exception of a results section). This includes:
An abstract (a brief overview of the entire paper in one paragraph)
Introduction (first paragraph(s)about 2/3 of a page long)
Literature review (a review of all thats been studied on your topic of research thus far)
Method and design section (how will you measure or research what it is youre hoping to prove or learn more about?)
Your hypothesis (included at the end of your introduction)
Discussion (you can discuss the reasons why you arrived at your hypothesis, since youre not engaging in the actual research portion of the study)
Conclusion (final paragraph(s))
If you would like to learn more about writing in APA format, please visit the OWL (online learning lab) at Purdue University here(this link opens in a new window/tab).
There will be no results section because you wont be conducting research.
Please cite only peer-reviewed journal articles. Sources must be cited in APA format.