Multidimensional Timeline Assignment

This assignment will assist students in developing their critical thinking skills to understand the multidimensional theoretical constructs of understanding the Person-in-Environment by exploring the biological, psychological, spiritual, time and environmental dimensions of the whole person.  Each student will create a timeline of his/her own development.  The student will identify TWO (2) “life events” that are “significant” in reflecting and/or shaping the person you have been, are, and continue to become. The TWO (2) life events are to represent either the biological, psychological [intellectual/cognitive], psychological [emotional/affective], and spiritual dimensions of yourself.
Additionally, students are to consider the time and environmental dimensions of the unique events at the 1) micro level (at what age, stage of development, and in what settings—natural and physical environments—did the events take place) and 2) mezzo/macro level (during what year did the events take place, and what was going on in “the larger society” that may have had an impact on your experiences). Please include 10-15 pages APA style, with relevant sources.
The student’s timeline graphic should include the following:          

description of each event
explanation of significance to your development
locates the event within time and environmental dimensions at micro and mezzo/macro levels & analyzes the impact(s) of those dimensions
Has there ever been a time (according to your timeline) when your thoughts or actions were adverse to the NASW Code of Ethics? How did you resolve that conflict?
According to your timeline, have you ever worked with, been in school with, or worked with someone that was different from yourself? What was the difference? How did you manage you own personal biases or discrimination?

This assignment will allow students to demonstrate the ability to critique and evaluate ideas.  This assignment will demonstrate student’s ability to analyze models of assessment, prevention, intervention, and evaluation. After completing this assignment, students should be able to develop skills of self-reflection, practice in a multi-culturally, diverse, global environment, apply knowledge of human behavior in the social environment to practice, and utilize innovative approaches to the subject matter being discussed.