Museum Artifact Project

28Jan 2022 by

Much can be learned about a historical period through examining the artifacts that people created during it. What can human-made objects (works of art, vessels, tools, books, weapons, instruments, etc.) tell us about the civilizations in which they were made?
For your final semester assessment, you will choose an artifact from one of the civilizations we have learned about in the current unit and research it. In your research, you will familiarize yourself with the object itself (its material, size, function, etc.) as well as its broader significance (symbolism of its design, context for its creation, audience it was intended for, etc.). The goal is for you to understand both what the object is and the story it tells about the society that produced it.
The outcome of this project will be a 2-3 paragraph interpretive panel about your artifact, which will be displayed alongside a picture of the artifact in the library. You will have class time during the week of 1/17 for research and writing. 
Your panel will need:

To describe what the artifact is, including its function, what its made of, its size, how it is designed, who made it, whom it was made for, and/or what it depicts (depending on the information available about the object).
To place the artifact in a broader historical context, showing how it reflects something about the social, political, cultural, and/or economic circumstances of the time and place in which it was produced in other words, to tell a larger story through the object.
To include an MLA-formatted list of 2-3 credible sources that you used in your research below the interpretive text. Sources may be in print or online.
Sample below