MUST HAVE BOOK Social Problems: The Sociology Project, 2019

Turn to page 91. Assess the 6 charts you will find that is located on half the page. Figures 4.1a, and Figure 4.1b. Compare and contrast how post-civil rights era attitudes on marriage, schools, and residential choices reflect across all three charts. What patterns are seen amoug the three?

Then, compare and contrast the racial attitudes on inequality due to group characteristics, which are the next three charts. What patterns are seen and what reasons could you discuss when comparing the three?

Now, turn to page 95. Located the charts, figure 4.4 and figure4.5. Discuss in your own words how the wealth gap in the united states compares to race. Look at Whites, Blacks, and Hispanics. Use supportive details from our textbook surrounding this chart that can aide in your discussion. Then, do the same for figure 4.5 regarding the gains in educational attainment.