National human trafficking hotline statistics

For each assignment, students are expected to write between 250-300 words on the given topic. Points will be deducted for submissions that go beyond or do not meet the length requirement. Students are expected to write in APA format, specifically in regards to reference lists and in-text citations. Students will also be graded on Grammar. All work should be typed using 12 point font Times New Roman. All work MUST be double-spaced. You must cite at least two credible sources.

Chapter Three Assignment aligns with the following course-level objectives:

1.2 Discuss the basic concepts of critical theoretical approaches.

You may use the following resources to complete this assignment:

Busch-Armendariz, N.B., Heffron, L.C., Nsonwu, M., Human Trafficking: Applying Research, Theory, and Case Studies, 1st edition, Sage Publications Inc.

Polaris. Hotline Statistics. National Human Trafficking Hotline. Retrieved from 

Assignment Topic:

After reading chapter three of the textbook and studying statistics on the National Human Trafficking Hotline (), students should write a paper that considers Critical Race Theory and intersectionality (gender, race and ethnicity, socioeconomic status, nativity, and immigration status, for example) and vulnerabilities to human trafficking. Address the following:

1. Identify three to five ways that CRT and intersectionality apply to this vulnerable group.

2. Identify three to five ways in which these concepts may not be applicable.

3. What is learned about micro and macro interventions when CRT and intersectionality are used as a framework?