Netflix – Financial Health Analysis Commentary-Order now from

Netflix – Financial Health Analysis Commentary-Order now from
This is a financial health analysis about Netflix and its financial statements of the last 5 years. Write a minimum of four (4) pages of high quality well-written APA formatted standard.
1. Start by briefly providing some high-level comments on Netflixs financial statements for the last five years.
2. Use the various ratio analysis already calculated in the (excel file attached) and other forms of analyses like trend analysis to identify 2-3 financial opportunities or challenges.
3. Investigate a couple of news and press releases focused on the organization to better understand the underlying factors influencing those issues.
-4 pages minimum with double spacing
-Font: Times New Roman, Size 12
-At least six (6) peer-reviewed sources (include DOI in reference page) (Use them to define terms/concepts)
-In-text citations
-No plagiarism (IMPORTANT)
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