Networking Technologies

FALL 2021
Special Topics in ICT: Introduction to Networking Technologies
Project 1: Empirical analysis of Internet routing paths and round-trip times using Traceroute
Project Goal: To improve your understanding of Internet routing behavior and latency Project deadline: October 4, [email protected] 1 PM EST.

You can use the “tracert” at the command line on Windows. But this gives only the hops used and the latencies.

You can also use the following software tools: Software available from:
Windows platform: Mac platform: [You can run traceroute through the terminal or network utility]

This tool is also good for both Windows and Mac platforms:Open Visual Traceroute: good site to use for various useful tools:

You are expected to take a set of measurements over a period of at least 2 weeks during various times of the day from the same location using the same computer.

The times chosen for the measurements should remain the same everyday throughout the entire project. [I suggest you use 3 times – morning, afternoon, night time. If you really cannot do 3 times because of your schedule, then 2 times will be fine]

You will need to select 4 sites from 4 continents. Make sure that the sites you select are actually located on 4 continents. You will need to explain in your final report how you confirmed that the locations of the sites chosen are really from the 4 continents you claim.

You will need to measure and study the following parameters:a. The routing paths chosen to the sites selected.b. The round-trip times to the sites (minimum, average, maximum).

You must provide full details of the host used in all the measurement tests.

You should present your results using a mix of tables, graphs, and figures.

You should discuss (in detail) the significance of your empirical results.

You must include any personal experiences with the software used. What did you
like and what did you dislike about the software? Any specific features you would like added or removed from the software?