New Venture Reflection Paper

It is a reflection paper, with students responding to a set of short open-ended questions.. Students are required to discuss the material covered, presentations by the instructor, and guest speakers.  
Set of questions – more like prompts to develop your reflection paper. 
1.     Select the most important 2 themes (to you) from the course – review the course outline and figure out the themes that spoke to you; for example, business model analysis, screening criteria, valuations, cashflows. Please do not recap the themes. Instead, try to share how themes will impact your approach to new venture finance.
2.     What role do you intend to play among the ones discussed during the course? Do you plan to participate as an entrepreneur, regulator, ecosystem participant (do elaborate what an ecosystem is and which role suits you), or an investor? Or, would you rather wait till the ventures are not new anymore?
3.     Finally, if new ventures have limited past performance, what is the role of data in evaluating new ventures. What do you think is the role of machine learning in new ventures. 
Please do not summarize concepts, instead discuss what you picked up / what sparked further curiosity. Please refer to the materials covered, including takeaways from guest speaker sessions.