Nina Simone’s effect on Civil Rights Movement

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Topic: Nina Simone’s Impact on the Civil Right’s Movement
     -Introductory statement / hook
     -Talk about the United States’ history of segregation and inequality between races, how the civil right’s movement developed and a brief introduction to Nina Simone’s partake in that. 
t groups based on the color of their skin. This created an imposition of social hierarchy based solely on peoples ethnic background. Racial segregation has been part of the United States history as well. Due to that social injustice the civil rights movement was created, which was a movement that fought for equal rights between black and white people. This movement was expressed through activism which includes artistic activism such as poetry, music and art. One important person during this time being was Nina Simone, who was a black activist and singer who had a strong impact during the civil rights movement. She would express her frustration and would make her music lyrics impose her to protest given the present situation they faced as a community. She challenged racial discrimination through her lyrics, who many people loved and still loves till this day. Being black and a woman back in the day must have not been easy, especially being someone who was known to the public eye.
     -Thesis Statement
Thesis Statement:
Rationality Principle:
     – Nina Simone’s development and her impact through her music on the movement, the importance of her lyrics and its impact on society.
Nina Simone was born in a time where black people were limited on the opportunities she had to succeed. She wanted to be a concert performer in a conservatory, but was denied the chance to do so due to the color of her skin. Nina opted to become a performer in restaurants and bars, which would eventually put her on the spotlight. During this time, black people were being treated and murdered recklessly, especially in the South. Nina used her performance platform in order to create protest music to expose how black people were being treated. Her first song was Mississippi Goddam, which talks about the horrifying events that took place in the South. These were states that resisted equality between races. The lyrics from the song are very detailed and specific. Black cat cross my path, I think every day’s gonna be my last, with these lyrics Nina Simone symbolizes being black in America as living with bad superstition, the feeling that at any time something might go wrong.  
Institution Principle:     – The Civil Right’s Movement of 1964 and its impact on how society changed.
Collective Action Principle:
     -American Civil Rights and Black Freedom movements   
Policy Principle:      -Express how much people fought in order for the movement to be executed to its fullest potential and how activists got the policy-making of the ending of segregation.
History Principle: 
      -Before segregation how were black people being treated? Talk about the impact of slavery.
Conclusion     – Summarize Nina Simone’s impact on the movement and how present day civil right’s movement has developed into black lives matter. The importance of equality between all groups within a society. 
quality has always been an issue in the U.S, let it being racial or gender discrimination. The fact that the civil rights movement included women, who fought for their right to be treated as equally as any other person. There are still issues consisting of discrimination in the U.S, especially by the police force. The stereotypes implemented in society on how a certain racial group behaves has imposed a viewpoint on every individual. Black people still fight for justice and freedom though the black lives matter movement in the present day. All people should be treated with the same respect. Nina Simone was one of the people who fought against racism and segregation, which is very admirable. Through her art and her dedicated work, she represented the musical side of the movement and with her lyrics exposed the inner feelings of being a black person during that time. Her art will be cherished for the many years to come.
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